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worldWEBexpo.com, Inc. faces the business challenges of the new millennium by launching the most aggressive, cost-effective and by far the most exciting B2B portal for the trade show industry.  With our aggressive in-trade magazine advertisements, institutional advertising campaigns, comprehensive direct mail campaigns and state-of-the-art search engine placement methods, we will help turn the investment in your web site into the contributing media you envisioned. 

·        With worldWEBexpo.com, your business never closes (24/7/365).

·        A web site transaction today is the least expensive way to sell goods and services.  Our virtual trade shows become a one-stop, single source expo where attendees can do in-depth research, have comparison-shopping and make buying decisions in a given industry.

·        The Internet is a universe of information that can sometimes be overwhelming.  The use of a search engine to find information can be tedious and time consuming.  We offer everything at one location in an easy-to-use format. 

·        worldWEBexpo.com offers a variety of exposure packages to meet the specific needs of each company.

·        worldWEBexpo.com’s expert design team assists in developing a Web-Booth that not only promotes your company’s image, but also increases sales. 

·        B2B on the Internet is one of the fastest growing segments of our economy today.  Soon purchasing departments will discover the ease of making decisions and purchases from one central location-anytime, anywhere. 

In short, worldWEBexpo.com is an invaluable marketing asset in keeping your company’s products and services in the business eye all year long. 

Trade Shows:

The Virtual Expo is a natural progression of a typical trade show.  Our trade show, combined with the power of the Internet, offers an exciting opportunity, which focuses on research on the latest news, events, products and services within a given industry.

The primary advantages over a typical trade show are as follows:

·        The Virtual Expo is open 24/7/365.

·        Exhibitors and Sponsors pay a fraction of the costs.

·        Alliance Partners and Sponsors receive extensive free advertising.

·        Exhibitors receive “walk-in” traffic from visitors of other Expos.

·        There are no cost or time limitations to inhibit customers from visiting the show.

·        Visitors are able to find every vendor of interest quickly and efficiently.

·        Exhibitors never run out of collateral or promotional merchandise during the shows.

·        The importance of the typical trade show is without question, and therefore the basis for the format of the worldWEBexpo.com web site.  As discussed in Guerrilla Trade Show Selling, the following report was produced from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR):

Decision-Makers Attend Trade Shows to…

·        Find out what’s new. 50% of all show attendees want to see what’s new in products and services.

·        See competitors and compare prices.  93% compared similar products, 50% requested a call from a sales representative, 73% asked for a price quote, and 73% found at least one new supplier.

·        Visit different suppliers, hear their presentations, and compare each vendor’s point of view.  Almost half (49%) have made purchases at a trade show.  Purchases by trade show attendees average $64,000.

·        Collect literature about services offered; take it back to the office; and review it with the buying team to evaluate what to put in next year’s capital budget.  The average show visitor stops to talk or acquire literature at 26 exhibits.

·        Get a better perspective of what’s available in a short period of time.  It beats hunting for people and spending a lot of time on the phone.

Our Solutions

worldWEBexpo.com has created the most successful vertical business community by combining the format of a typical trade show with the power of the Internet.  Our Virtual Expo creates an ideal community for conducting business research, staying current with new products and service developments, and increasing visibility of industry issues and events.

worldWEBexpo.com combines the format of a trade show with the power of the Internet to provide the most successful industry marketplace.

See it First...See it Here!

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