Orbit Wireless Web Tablet

Where will the Internet take you? Where will you take the Internet? What if you had a magazine-sized touchscreen wireless portal to carry around your house as you went through your day? It's like having your laptop scaled even further down, but cooler than a Palm Device. Release is predicted for later this summer, and the expected target price is a jaw-dropping $399. Its features include a basic processor, address book, and a home calendar. For now, it won't replace your PC, but it isn't supposed to, really. The question is whether the public will accept that reduced performance. Go with it.

The Web Tablet allows customers to access information in ways that best fit their lives.
Lightweight, the Web Tablet weighs less than 3 lbs.
Displays a bright 800x600 touch screen
Roams up to 200 feet from base transmitter
Delivers fast, 802.11B RF connectivity
Includes an onscreen keyboard and wireless keyboard

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