128 Meg Memory for $59.99 
128MB PC133 SDRAM 16x64 168 PIN DIMM
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Major Price Drop! - Limit 4 Per Customer

TigerDirect.com has just dropped the price on 128MB PC133 SDRAM! This is a major price drop on memory -- Just in time for the holidays. Boost the performance of your desktop computer system to its maximum capability with PC-133 168-pin Synchronous Dual-In-Line Memory Modules (DIMMS). The PC-133 is designed to operate at 133MHz and is one of the fastest types of industry standard memory on the market today. It is specific designed to work with new high-speed processors like the Pentium III. But PC133 memory is backward compatible to PC100 SDRAM and other slower speed memory. (Check your motherboard specifications for compatibility) It simply drops down to the slower speed.

Why pay more for older-slower memory. Today's programs (Windows Me, Photoshop, Voice Recognition Software, CD Recording) are requiring as much as 64MB or 80MB of your systems memory. This restricts you ability to multitask. The solution; add more memory! Turn your PC into the incredible screaming machine it can be!


  • 3.3v, Non-buffered
  • For Pentium, Celeron, AMD and PowerPC Desktops
  • Easy to install


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