25% to 50% discount on Dental, Optical (Visual), Prescription Medicine, and Legal...together...$9.95/ month!


ProCard International accesses the largest Dental, Legal, Vision, and Prescription Drug Card networks across the country.
Our professional networks have over 10,000,000 members nationwide accessing them each year. With our easy to use discount card, you can benefit from our services whether you have insurance or not.
Save an average of 25% and up to 50% on your Dental, Legal, Vision, and Prescription Drug Card needs!
For only $9.95 a month, you can use any of the services available to you in your area, as much and as often as you want and discontinue at any time.
With over 300,000 dentists and attorneys, over 10,000 optical centers across the country including Pearle Vision, Royal Optical, J.C. Penney, and Sears, and over 83% of all pharmacies nationwide including most every local neighborhood pharmacy, Walmart, Kmart, Osco, Rite Aid, and CVS’s, we look forward to taking care of your family’s professional service care needs.


   With the increasing complexity surrounding marriage, child, elder care, financial, credit and tax related issues, an astounding 90% of the population have a need for legal services. Yet, when confronted with a legal and/or financial issue, most people do not know where to turn to obtain professional guidance, nor do they have any control over legal costs.
   ProCard International provides it’s members with access to one of America’s largest legal networks for legal referrals to top rated attorneys and financial professionals in their area when needs arise.
 Each member is entitled to one (1) free office consultation or telephone consultation per separate legal or financial matter. In the event you decide to retain the attorney after the consultation, you will be provided with a preferred rate reduction of 25% from the attorney’s normal hourly rate. Virtually all types of legal and financial matters are eligible for these services.
  •     Civil and Consumer Issues                              Business Legal Services
  •     Personal and Family Legal Service                Real Estate
  •     Financial Matter                                                   Consumer Credit Services
  •     Financial Education Workshops                     Estate Planning Law
  •     IRS Matters                                                            Tax Preperation Component
  •     Financial Planning       


    Prescription Eyewear & Ophthalmology


    1. Look at the Provider list included in this package or call ProCard to locate participating eye care providers in your area.

    2. Discounted eye exams are available in most areas. To find which providers give discounts on eye exams in your area, please check the enclosed provider listing or call ProCard.

    3. If you would like your eye care Professional contacted about participating as a provider in our program, please give the service representative his/her name and their office will be invited to join the network.

    4. Please reference Coast to Coast vision when calling a participating provider for an appointment. You must show your membership card to the eyewear provider at the time of service to receive your discount. Remember that this program is not insurance. There are no claim forms, deductibles, or reimbursements.

  • · Save 10% to 60% on glasses, contacts and nonprescription sunglasses, at over 9,000 retail optical locations nationwide.·
  • Save 10%-30% on medical eye exams/surgical procedures incl. RK, PRK, ALK, LASIK through selected eye doctors.· Most frames, lenses, and specialty items are available.
  • · If for any reason you are not satisfied with a purchase at a retail location, simply return the merchandise within 30 days for exchange or full refund.

    Replacement Contact Lenses


    1. Call 1-800-878-3901, Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:30pm CST for a price quote or to place an order for replacement contact lenses. Give the service representative the brand name and type of lenses you wear.

    2. Federal law requires you to mail or fax a copy of your prescription to the contact lens company before you can place an order. Their address is: America’s Eyewear, P.O. Box 810255, Farmers Branch, Texas 75381. Fax #972-503-5671.

    3. Once a valid doctor’s contact lens prescription is received, you and your family may place orders as often as you wish prior to the expiration date of the prescription.

    4. Most orders are shipped within 48 hours via UPS Ground, and can be paid for by credit card, money order, or check.

  •     · Save 20% to 60% on most major brands of soft lenses including disposables, torics, and bifocals. Gas permeable materials are also available.·
  •     If you are not completely satisfied with a purchase through the mail order service for any reason, simply return the merchandise within 30 days for exchange or full refund.

    Nonprescription Sunglasses


    1. Call 1-800-878-3901, Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:30pm central time for a price quote or to place an order. Give the service rep. the brand name and model number you wish to purchase.

    2. Most orders are shipped within 48 hours and can be paid for by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, money order, or check. · If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with a purchase through the mail order service, simply return the merchandise within 30 days for exchange or full refund.·

  • Save 20% to 50% on most major brands including Serengeti, Vuarnet, Guess, Gargoyles.



    ProCard International’s prescription drug card provides your family access to over 45,000 pharmacies nationwide with the guaranteed lowest prices.

    Plan Overview:·

  • You must have card to access plan.·
  • You can expect to receive your card approximately 21 working days from time New Benefits receives application and payment.·
  • You’re given a toll free number to call for location of participating pharmacies.·
  • When making an inquiry at the participating pharmacy in your area, please use the name associated with the assigned PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Management) on the back of the card because the pharmacy is only familiar with the PBM name not the name on the front of the card.

    Neighborhood Pharmacy:·

  • 45,000 national, regional, and independent pharmacies·
  • 10%-50% on most short term, acute care prescriptions such as antibiotics and pain-killers when you visit your local pharmacy.

    Mail Order Prescription Plan:·

  • Prices average 10% below AARP, which is widely regarded as having the lowest mail order prescription drug pricing in America.·
  • We will beat the best local retail price by $5.00 per prescription on brand and generic drugs costing $10.00 or more with no postage or dispensing fee.·
  • We have an "open formulary", meaning the doctor can prescribe the most effective medications.


    With access to America’s Largest Dental Networks, ProCard International members and their families can save on all dental care expenses. Our benefits are important to you whether you have dental insurance or not. Participating dentists provide the following preventive dental care at an average savings of $50.00* per person:

                             · Office Visits

                             · Oral Exams

                             · Infection Control

                             · Children’s Fluoride

                             · X-rays

                             · Cleaning and Polishing

     You’ll also receive a savings of between 15%-50% on various other dental procedures.

    Your dental membership includes these additional features:
                             · No limit to the number of yearly visits
                             · No paperwork to complete

                             · No pre-enrollment examinations

                             · No age limits

                             · Existing dental problems qualify

                             · No deductibles

     *Based on 1999 dental fee averages. Actual individual savings will vary.
     How to use your dental plan:

    1. Call one of the participating dentists to make an appointment. Be sure to identify yourself as a member of the dental network as specified on the back of your membership card.

     2. You must show your membership card to the dentist at the time of visit to receive the discount.

     3. Since this is not insurance, payment must be made at time of service.


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