Dear Salon Professional,

I've been fascinated for years how some independently owned businesses bring in thousands if not millions of dollars a year while similar businesses offering the same products at about the same price never really reach the pinnacle of success. I got in the advertising business because I wanted to know what millionaires think or do that set them apart from individuals who never quite seem to make it no matter how hard they try. I wondered what forms of advertising they used, what behaviors they practiced that would create a loyal customer and I wondered if, perhaps, millionaires in the nail salon business share the same secrets of success.

Over the years, like many typical women who take pride in their appearance, I've gone to salons to have my nails done, and often I was the only one in the salon while there were five or ten booths that could be bustling with customers. So I asked my boss if we could do a market research project that involved nail salons and see if we could determine why some were outrageously successful while others were just getting by.

My boss agreed and I took on what became a statewide nail salon survey in North Carolina. Do you realize that there are 1258 nail salons in North Carolina alone? (And a good deal of NC is rural, open country.) I spent weeks traveling from malls to shopping centers and the results I found were incredibly interesting. Most of the salons were owned and operated by highly motivated, positive entrepreneurs who were extremely creative and artistic. However, the first eighteen nail salons I visited were empty. The lights were on, it was during business hours and the neon lights said, "OPEN" but there were no customers in site. And then there were stores that were so busy they didn't have time to chat because I didn't have an appointment. "Talk to me while you do my nails" I suggested, and they said "Sure, what time next week would you like to come by?"

One owner was kind enough to tell me that she closed her studio at 10:00 pm and she would love to meet me for a late cup of java at an adjacent Shoppe. I asked each owner (both the successful and those struggling) a series of probing questions about advertising methods, marketing, customer loyalty, products, pricing and the competition in the nail salon business. I called together my marketing team who combined has 47 years of hands on, proven, marketing success and together we reviewed my exhaustive research in what seemed like a never ending brainstorming session.

>From the research and the brainstorming sessions we created an innovative, foolproof, turn key solution that requires very little effort on the part of the salon owner and is guaranteed to bring new customers and retain the existing clientele. In fact, the answers we found not only create loyal customers, but also inspires your current customers to recommend you to all their friends. And that's not even the best part - unlike many forms of advertising popular to the nail salon industry such as yellow page ads, cash register receipt coupons, tabloid style newspaper ads, telemarketing, flyers, classifieds, store window banners, business cards, bulletin ads in grocery stores and fitness centers - you'll be able to track the results of your advertising with this amazingly affordable, no-selling solution. Quit trying to bring in new business and focus on what you do best -artistic nails. Leave the dirty work, and your success to the crazy ones of us who absolutely have a flair for, and love marketing. Send me a check for $21.95 (about what it costs for one set of nails) and I'll send you everything you need to get started. Your check pays for shipping and handling, your foolproof lead generating kit, all the secrets I learned during my research, (worth thousands of dollars in trial and error from nail salon owners who have been in the industry for years and twenty dollars off any future orders with us. And because I am so convinced you'll benefit from our foolproof method to keeping and retaining customers, I am offering you a money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied within one year from the time you receive all the stuff I am going to send you, simply email or write me and I'll personally write you a check for your full $21.95 back. No questions asked, no hard feelings.


If I receive your check or credit card before Jan 15 (10 days) I'll throw in a copy of101 Marketing Tips Every Business Owner Should Know (worth $15.95)absolutely FREE. You've worked hard for your success, now it's time to work smart. For your convenience our agency also accepts credit cards, simply email or call me with your name, salon name, street address and your credit card information. Or you can send a check for $21.95 to:

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