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Without a doubt, you haven’t really lived until you’ve tried one of our gourmet blends… like our famous Killer Java House Blend.  This special blend begins with organic, shade grown Central and South American beans, which are carefully French roasted to enhance their vibrant, smoky qualities.  Then we add classic light Sumatra, known for its earthiness and full body.  The result… a beautifully full-flavored balance of spicy richness and wine like acidity.  To peruse our other fine natural organic coffees, please click here. 

Or maybe you’re just an old-fashioned kinda guy or gal and prefer the classics like: Mocha Java, French Roast or Breakfast Blend.  

Are flavored coffees are your passion?  Then check out such yummy choices as: French Vanilla, Hazelnut and Chocolate Attitude. 

What about those of you who aren’t exactly “morning people”? Better zoom into our turbocharged, fog lifting, high caffeine pick-me-ups, like the popular Rapid Transit Nightshift Blend.       

And what if you’re just the opposite: love coffee… but could do without caffeine?  Relax. We’ve got you covered!  Rich, flavorful coffee taste is available without caffeine and without chemicals.   All Killer Java decaffeinated coffees have been naturally decaffeinated via the Swiss Water Process, which uses only water and carbon filters, like those used in top-of-the-line water purifying systems. This unique process yields coffees which are rich and full-bodied, with 99.9% of the caffeine removed.  To view the full list of choices for our decaf loving friends, click here. 

And we’ve saved the best for part for last! Not only is Killer Java the best coffee you’ve ever tasted…  it’s also an amazing value.  That’s right!  We have no high overhead stores or burdensome corporate structure like the big guys.  It’s just you and us.  And through the power and efficiency of the Internet, we are able to ship directly from our roasting facility to your doorstep.  Imagine that… premium coffees and blends without gourmet prices. 

But don’t take our word for it.  Try it yourself… risk free!   Look, if Killer Java isn’t simply the best coffee you have ever tasted, just it send back.  Simply return any unused portion anytime for a full refund.  No guilt, no hassles… and No Questions Asked.  Fair enough?  After all, your satisfaction is what we’re all about.     

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Our pursuit of world's best coffee begins by tracking down the absolute highest quality, most flavorful beans available.  Killer Java premium coffees and coffee blends are born deep in the heart of the lushest hillsides and mountains... from the finest coffee growing regions in the world.Our Premium Coffee Beans

You see, when it comes to coffee beans... we're fussy.  OK.   We're downright fanatical!  We use only the best shade grown coffee beans picked at the peak of their flavor.  Why?  Simple.

Shade grown coffees deliver a better brew.  Nothing else even comes remotely close to rivaling the superior flavor, aroma and body of our shade grown coffees.  Just one delicious sip... and you'll know exactly what we mean!  

Maybe the other coffee guys just don't get it.  Or maybe their bean counters have priority over their bean buyers.  Did they really think you wouldn't notice the difference between their cheap sun grown mixtures... and the top-notch beans that Killer Java selects?  Please!  

Shade grown coffee is also environmentally friendly coffee... raised and nurtured in harmony amongst Mother Earth's spectacular tropical rainforests.Shade Grown Organic Coffee

(Did you know?  Almost a million acres of trees are cut down each year in Latin America, much of it to create greater yields from sun grown coffees.)

 Killer Java is firmly committed to sustainable coffee growing, which helps to protect our planet's fragile eco-systems and conserve valuable natural resources.  We purchase, whenever possible, certified organically grown coffee beans. 

Organic means NO synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers are used during growing.   At KILLER JAVA COFFEE COMPANY, we insist on certified organically grown coffee with reliable authentication.Certified and Guaranteed  All our organics are certified at the estate where they are grown and KILLER JAVA stands behind them with a 100% guarantee.

From there we go on to hand-select only the choicest, first-rate beans.  Gently and meticulously packed in re-usable coffee sacks, these premium quality beans are then expedited to our state-of-the-art roasting facilities located in beautiful Northern California, home of some of the world's premiere wineries.   

Like A Fine WineIt is here, in the heart of the wine country that our fourth-generation Master Roasters ply their trade.  Like their skilled Napa Valley neighbors, our Roasters combine experience, dedication and a keen sense of taste and smell, to produce our unique Killer Java coffees. 

These old world craftsmen carefully monitor each stage, keeping a watchful eye over the blending and roasting processes, to ensure that every micro-batch of coffee meets the demanding standards of our loyal customers. 

Fresh from the roaster, the small, glistening hand-made batches of our gourmet coffee are immediately escorted to the packaging room.  There's no time to spare!  Why?  Fresh From The RoasterBecause the mortal enemies of fresh coffee (oxygen, light, heat and moisture) are ever-present.  But they just don't stand a chance... because Killer Java whole bean coffees are immediately packed into special nitrogen-flushed containers.  These heavy-duty bags are made with a patented one-way vacuum seal to help preserve freshness and lock in that wonderful robust flavor.

There you have it... all the painstaking steps we take to deliver you the optimal coffee experience. 

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